Our Purpose

Kush Cart as a company is committed to raising the standards of cannabis consumption for both the recreational consumer and connoisseur alike, by first and foremost acknowledging the many uses and concentrations of the herb as wellness products, made to enhance the health and happiness of those who use them. 

Beyond that, the diverse leadership team of Kush Cart (made up of motivated folks from Hispanic, Asian, and other communities, with a structure of shared governance and equal opportunity) has been hard at work building sustainable partnerships with some of Oregon’s most popular and trusted cannabis brands. Kush Cart will offer a rotating and exciting selection of flower, concentrates, and edibles, all at prices that reflect the premium quality of the products. Submit orders at the tap of a button, cannabis will arrive shortly.

In addition to spreading access to cannabis, the company would not exist without its mission to promote cannabis reform, fight the stigma of the “lazy pothead”, and create an educated and welcoming community of cannabis consumers. To make this happen, Kush Cart will offer educational tools and products, where folks can explore, educate, and involve themselves in the positive culture of legal cannabis.

Whatever your recreational cannabis needs, Kush Cart will provide a relaxing, convenient purchasing experience, while increasing awareness and driving the enlightened use of cannabis.