WVA - Moon Puppies, Hybrid, Shatter

Bred by 7 Points, who also made the oil, Moon Puppies is a marvelous new strain created by crossing Lemon Skunk with the incredibly famed Chemdawg. The aroma comes through like an incense of Lemon Heads and banana Laffy Taffy shrouded in a deep dank funk with a flavor of lemon meringue and pine. After smoking comes an in initial burst of uplifting cerebral energy with a tendency to morph into a more focused and meditative state. Great for turning ideas into action. Maybe give it a try before testing out that complicated recipe you’ve been meaning to cook.

1 gram

Cultivator: 7 Points

Genetic Cross: Lemon Skunk x Chemdawg

THC: 74.1% | CBD: 1.25% (Hybrid)

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