WLE - Valley Girl 99, Hybrid, Shatter

Valley Girl 99 is a Cloud Cover exclusive strain using their ever popular White 99. It's mixed with Valley Girl, a creation of Archive Seed Bank here in Portland, that combines two powerful OG Kush phenotype strains to produce an oily, rubber funk. This combined with the lemon and hashy kush aromas of White 99 create a nice contrast and cultivate an uplifting, relaxing high.

1 gram

Cultivator: Cloud Cover

Genetic Cross: Valley Girl x White 99

Top Terpenes: Limonene (1.18%), Phytol (0.7%), Linalool (0.62%)

THC: 81.45% | CBD: 0.12% | Total Cannabinoids: 93.39% | Terpenes 5.08% (Hybrid)

Was $20 per gram

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