WLE - Tropicanna Cooks, Sativa Hybrid, Shatter

Tropicanna Cooks crosses Forum GSC and Tangie. Its smell and flavor is pungently sweet, with a Tangie base, giving acidic and citrus touches that in turn are mixed with creamy nuances of Girl Scout Cookies, a delight for lovers of citrus orange flavour with a creamy background. The potency of this cannabis hybrid is high, offering a cheerful, euphoric effect that brings a long-lasting feeling of well-being with psychedelic touches, a very complete, well-rounded Hybrid effect. This has quickly become a stand out strain in many growers gardens and has out stripped expectations for many.

1 gram

Cultivator: Bula Farms

Genetic Cross: Forum GSC x Tangie by Oni Seeds

THC: 67.65% | CBD: 0% | Total Cannabinoids: 79.63% | Terpenes 7.05% (Sativa Hybrid)

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