WLE - 9lb Hammer, Indica, Shatter

9lb Hammer was named purely for the effects it had on patients. Known for it's heavy body high and potent knock out effects, these long lasting effects are no joke! The flavor ranges from sour fruits to lemon and pine kush notes. The smoke is smooth with lingering lemon and mango candy residue that dances across your tongue.

1 gram

Cultivator: Water Dog Farm

Genetic Cross:Gooberry x Jesus OG by TGA Subcool Genetics

Top Terpenes: Myrcene (1.39%), B-Caryophyllene(0.434%), a-Pinene(0.37%)

THC: 75.71% | CBD: 0% | CBGa: 4.21% | Total Cannabinoids: 90.30% | Terpenes: 3.72% (Indica)

Was 20/g

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