Winberry Farms - Pina Colada, Hybrid, Distillate Cart

Pina Colada is a tropical fruit flavor explosion from everything from banana's to cream to floral notes. This strain makes for a perfectly balanced hybrid high like hot sand hitting your legs as well as cheeks and a guaranteed flavorful smoke. Speaking of which, try not to over smoke just to keep going back from another sip of your "virgin" Pina Colada.

About Winberry Farms: One of the first recreational cannabis farms to be licensed by the state of Oregon, Winberry Farms was started by friends and their families. Specializing in naturally sungrown product from quality genetics, their flower is expertly cultivated, perfectly cured, and farm fresh squeezed to you - and always grown with organic process and fertilizers. Their farm is located in the Southern Willamette Valley 30 miles southeast of Eugene, nourished naturally by the waters of Winberry Creek.

These cartridges are pure THC Distillate with no PG, VG, or MCT cutting agents housed inside a Pyrex glass tank C-Cell Technology (Ceramic Wick-less firing system). Along with that the top is a porcelain mouthpiece and all are reusable/refillable.

1.0g Cartridge

Genetic Cross: Banana Kush x Starburst Bubba

THC: 87.5% CBD: 0% (Hybrid)

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