William Cannabis Co - Penny Lime, Hybrid, Outdoor

Penny Lime is a special cultivar with a 2:1 THC/CBD ratio that can be hard to find. This makes it amazing weed for those who want to get high without fear of becoming anxious or losing your ability to think on the spot. Along with the added benefits, these lime green, chunky nugs give off an aroma of lime, turpentine and, strangely enough, a hint of peanut butter on the back end.

Genetic Cross: Pennywise x Unknown

Top Terpenes: Myrcene, Ocimene (Isomer II), Terpinolene, a-Pinene

Harvest Date: 10/11/18

THC: 11.16% | CBD: 5.04% | CBGA: 2.2% | CBDA: 5.8% | Total Cannabinoids: 21.6% | Total Terpenes: 3.82% (Hybrid)

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