Wilderville - Hawaiian Lights, Sativa, Greenhouse

A delightful combination of two old school strains, Hawaiian Lights provides a bright, uplifting high that takes you back to how cannabis used to feel. The anxiety is kept in check by an expansive cannabinoid makeup that is more than just THC, which provides a well rounded high. The smell is complex and hard to place or describe. It has a unique terpene, Farnesene, that gives off a peppery musk and helps aid the unique high. The flavor is closer to the tropical fruit with a hint of musk and spiciness at the tail end.

Genetic Cross: Blue Hawaiian x Northern Lights by Jordan of the Isles

Top Terpenes: t-Caryophyllene (1.25%), Myrcene (1.20%), a-Farnesene (1.17%)

THC: 19.0% | CBD: 0.236% | Total Cannabinoids: 19.70% | Total Terpenes: 5.71% (Sativa) Was $7/g

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