Timber Mountain - Jack's Dream, Sativa, Greenhouse

Jack’s Dream is a stimulating hybrid with familiar flavors and gentle effects. This common sense cross of Jack Herer and Blue Dream offers the consumer an immediate rush of energy that crests into heady euphoria that encourages laughter. The smell is a direct combination of the two parents, with notes of tropical fruit, pine and spice with the flavor imparting a direct fruitiness with a lingering hint of spices.

Genetic Cross: Jack Herer x Blue Dream

Top Terpenes: Myrcene (1.58%), o-Limonene (.21%), B-Caryophyllene (.20%)

THC: 23.67% | CBD: 0.0% | Total Cannabinoids: 27.48% | Total Terpenes: 2.78% (Sativa) Was $5/g

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