Serra - Strawberry Basil Gumdrop 2 Pack, 1:1 Sativa Hybrid

A balanced, quality combination of a THC-dominant strain and a CBD-dominant strain is the trick to delivering a range of cannabinoids with the biggest impact. This dynamic duo comes together for a peppery, herbaceous grown-up take on the classic strawberry flavor. Made with Pruf Cultivar’s Strawberry Cough and East Fork Cultivar’s Ringo’s Gift distillate CO2 oil giving a complimentary pairing not only just in effect but in CBD to THC as well.

These edibles are all natural, gluten free and made with Clean Green Certified flower.

2 pieces total: THC: 10mg - CBD: 10mg; per piece: THC: 5mg - CBD: 5mg (Sativa Hybrid)

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