Serra - Strawberry Basil Gumdrop 10 Pack, 1:1 Sativa Hybrid

A balanced, quality combination of a THC-dominant strain and a CBD-dominant strain is the trick to delivering a range of cannabinoids with the biggest impact. This dynamic duo comes together for a peppery, herbaceous grown-up take on the classic strawberry flavor. Made with Pruf Cultivar’s Strawberry Cough and East Fork Cultivar’s Ringo’s Gift distillate CO2 oil giving a complimentary pairing not only just in effect but in CBD to THC as well.

These edibles are all natural, gluten free and made with Clean Green Certified flower.

10 pieces total: THC: 50mg - CBD: 50mg; per piece: THC: 5mg - CBD: 5mg (Sativa Hybrid)

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