River Grown - Lemon Kush, Hybrid, Greenhouse

An immense rush of lemon aroma encapsulates these large, thick buds which gives the high an intense cerebral high along with equally rich body buzz. With those effects, Lemon Kush is perfect 50:50 hybrid. A wide amount of earth terpenes accompany the fresh lemon smell and provides a wonderfully complex flavor when smoked. There are several different varieties of Lemon Kush on the genetics market, but they all are fantastic bud through and through. The way this one smells and looks it makes us imagine it is the Lemon G x Afghan Kush cross by Alien Genetics.

Genetic Cross: Lemon G x Afghan Kush by Alien Genetics

THC: 21.6% | CBD: 0% | Total Cannabinoids: 24.7% (Hybrid)
Was $8/g

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