Pruf Cultivar - Goat Blocks, Sativa, Indoor

Goat Blocks is a Golden Goat cross mixed with Pruf's own proprietary strain TH1, Tangerine Haze, which kicks up the terpene profile to include more than just terpinolene as well as creates a tighter nug structure. A wonderful array of citral flowers and a green spring forest make up the intoxicating aroma. Expect a rush of uplifting and calming energy from this reinvented strain!

Clean Green Certified

Genetic Cross: Golden Goat x Tangerine Haze 1

Top Terpenes: a-Pinene, Ocimene, Limonene

Harvest Date: 06/14/19

THC: 22.1% | CBD: 0.07% | (Sativa)


rwolford1986@gmail.com08-08-2019 1:58 pm

Overall decent bud. I like the effects. The taste is a little lacking, but it's not bad.

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