Pruf Cultivar - G Krush, Indica Hybrid, Indoor

Grape Krush routinely comes in at nearly the highest overall levels of secondary metabolites of any Cultivar Pruf produces, including more than 25% THC and a recent massive 54 mg/g of terpenes! This leans more on the Orange Krush side in terms of flavor, with notes of sour tropical fruits and mint, but the effects are purely relaxing yet still uplifting.

Clean Green Certified

Genetic Cross: Grape Kush x Orange Krush

Top Terpenes: Myrcene (0.68%), B-Caryophyllene (0.33%), Terpinolene (0.32%)

Harvest Date: 11/19/18

THC: 25.2% | CBD: 0.05% | THCVa: 2.11% | Total Cannabinoids: 29.8% | Top Terpenes: 2.07% (Indica Hyrbid) Was $10/g

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