Periodic Edibles - Indica Sea Salt Caramel

One of the more affordable edibles with a generous helping of THC, 50mg per piece. This Indica sea salt caramel is also made with homemade canna-butter, which generally hits you with a heavier high for longer. Some folks like to add this to their morning coffee, while others enjoy it as is. For the caramel-canna enthusiast in you! Now contains terpenes to enhance the specific effects of these caramels. This indicaramel comes with 3.8mg of Linalool (Lavender) and 1.4mg of Myrcene (Mango), which is just enough to add in the couch effects but keep the classic buttery smooth, salty taste.

1 piece / THC: 50.0mg (Indica)

Was $12 per caramel


trishengel67@gmail.com08-12-2018 2:26 am

They're the every best retailers in this business. For to that I am very grateful.

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