PAX/WVA - Space Bomb, Sativa Hybrid, Live Resin

Space Bomb is a sativa leaning hybrid with potent, high-flying effects. Created by the well known growers at TGA Subcool Seeds Space Bomb was a project to recreate a standout version of their popular Space Queen nicknamed "Tiny Bomb" due to it's small stature yet over the top potency in both effects and taste. The highly sought after and resinous clone produces sour candy and fruity flavors that annihilate negative vibes on contact. Requires PAX ERA battery to operate.

0.5g Cartridge

Cultivated: Indigo Gardens

Genetic Cross: "Tiny Bomb" Space Queen F2

Top Terpenes: B-Caryophyllene (3.42%), Limonene (1.78%), Guaiol (1.1%)

THC: 69.53% | CBD: 0.1% | Total Terpenes: 10.48% (Sativa Hybrid)

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