PAX/WVA - Peach Ringz, Indica Hybrid, Live Resin

Peach Ringz is an indica hybrid cannabis flower that has the floral aroma and taste that lives up to the nostalgia filled name. You may even become confused that you are actually smoking oil rather than eating peach ring gummy candies from your childhood. The high is almost an immediate onset of a lovely uplifting feeling with a mild euphoric buzz. Peach Ringz then swiftly but smoothly fades from head high to a relaxing body melting high that comes over you in soft soothing waves.

0.5g Cartridge

Cultivated: Siren

Genetic Cross: Marion Berry x OG Eddy by Dying Breed Seeds

Top Terpenes: Limonene (2.75%), B-Caryophyllene (1.99%), Linalool (0.96%)

THC: 73.97% | CBD: 0.22% | Total Terpenes: 9.21% (Indica Hybrid)

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