Oregon Genetics - Maui Waui, Sativa Hybrid, Rosin Cart

The Maui Waui strain (aka Maui Wowie) is a Sativa hybrid from the Hawaiian Islands that first rose to popularity during the 1970’s. In fact, its popularity grew to the point that nearly all the cannabis that came from the state was given the same name.

These rosin cartridges are Oregon Genetics own pure, uncut, solventless rosin packed into their all new quartz cell cotton-free stainless steel wick vape cartridge for ultimate consumption.

1g Cartridge

Genetic Cross: Hawaiian Heirloom

THC: 66.58% | CBD: 0.27% l Total Cannabinoids: 78.57% | Total Terpenes: 7.89% (Sativa Hybrid)

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