Oregon Genetics - Forbidden Fruit, Indica Hybrid, Rosin Cart

Forbidden Fruit weed is a delicious cross between the flavorful and fragrant Tangie and Cherry Pie, each being as delicious and sweet as the name implies. The aroma is incredibly close to being grape, with high guaiol and caryophyllene terpenes, but the added lavender (linalool) and orange rind fragrance ramps this up to another level of complexity that really pleases the nose. While the genetics leans more indica, the effects hit hard between the eyes like a good hybrid and lay into the body with each hit of Tangie and floral flavored goodness.

These rosin cartridges are Oregon Genetics own pure, uncut, solventless rosin packed into their all new quartz cell cotton-free stainless steel wick vape cartridge for ultimate consumption.

1g Cartridge

Genetic Cross: Cherry Pie x Tangie

THC: 66.86% | CBD: 0.27% l Total Cannabinoids: 81.98% | Total Terpenes: 11.11% (Indica Hybrid)

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