Oregon Genetics - Citrus Grove, Sativa Hybrid, Rosin Cart

Citrus Grove is a mixed cocktail of two parts powerful diesel gas strains and two parts fruity, citrus strains. What's formed is a wonderful mixture of the two that is akin to walking near old tractors among a overripe citrus grove. The wide array of bright and gas terpenes leaves behind a stupefying heady and energizing high.

These rosin cartridges are Oregon Genetics own pure, uncut, solventless rosin packed into their all new quartz cell cotton-free stainless steel wick vape cartridge for ultimate consumption.

1g Cartridge

Genetic Cross: Orange Diesel x Longbottom Leaf (LBL)

THC: 68.03% | CBD: 0.23% l Total Cannabinoids: 81.15% | Total Terpenes: 12.46% (Sativa Hybrid)

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