Nugget Candy Co. - Sour Sunset x Hell's Fire, Indica Hybrid, Bubble Hash

Both Sour Sunset and Hell's Fire were created by the same farm, Crockett, and have mixed together synergistically. An incredibly whipped cream and kush aroma presents a incredible flavor that will have you coming back for more. It gives a even hybrid high with a strong body relaxation and cerebral buzz as well.

Bubble hash can be thought of as a better processed keif. The process is still solventless and uses only water, ice and filters to sieve out the broken frozen resin heads. Some plant matter is still left behind, making it less suitable for dabbing, so it is better to smoke on it's own, on a bowl or rolled up with your favorite herb.

1 gram

Genetic Cross: ( Sour Diesel [AJ cut] x Secret Sherbert) x (Hell's OG x Crockett's Confidential) both by Crockett Family Farms

THC: 58.9% | CBD: 0.17% | CBGA: 1.34%| Total Cannabinoids: 68.8% | (Indica)

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