Nugget Candy Co. - Alien Cough x Bootylicious, Hybrid, Bubble Hash

This combination of Alien Cough and Bootylicious is centered around gas and has effects that follow a hybrid trend. A few Kush parents come through with creamy, gas flavors while hints of fruit smoothie hang out in the back end of the aroma. A heavy handed high leaves a vibrant, euphoric spaced head space that leaves behind a easy going smile.

Bubble hash can be thought of as a better processed keif. The process is still solventless and uses only water, ice and filters to sieve out the broken frozen resin heads. Some plant matter is still left behind, making it less suitable for dabbing, so it is better to smoke on it's own, on a bowl or rolled up with your favorite herb.

1 gram

Genetic Cross: (Alien Kush x Strawberry Cough) x (Constantine x Cookies N Cream)

THC: 50.0% | CBD: 1.18% | CBGA: 1.82% | Total Cannabinoids: 60.3% | (Hybrid)

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