Noblecraft - J1 2g, Hybrid, Hemp Blunt

J1, also known as Jack one, is unmistakably part of the Jack Herer lineage with the ever present creamy tropical fruit and turpentine aromas and a powerful flavor that comes through with ease. Expect a buzzy, euphoric high with great medicinal value for the body as well. It'll leave you clear headed but sufficiently stoned. This is a great go-to strain for a break in the day!

The wraps on these blunts are made from hemp and contain no tobacco to achieve the same product. These blunts are filled with only well grown indoor flower and packed consistently by a Futurola machine.

2 gram

Genetic Cross: Jack Herer x Skunk #1

Flower - THC: 20.43% CBD: 0.05% (Hybrid)

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