Noble Farms- Blackberry, Indica, Indoor

About Noble Farms: Noble Farms is a family owned and operated garden located in the Eagle Creek area of Oregon. They have been growing cannabis together for over 17 years, and before that Christmas trees, all the while practicing, honing and perfecting their process including a thorough cure in their very own humidor room. Their flower is grown under laboratory type conditions with expertly dialed atmospheric controls, proprietary feeding regimen, canopy management, and a buffet of love!

This Blackberry has an amazing terpene profile, a fantastic mix of dark berries and woody aromatics. This is as smooth of a smoke as they come and is great as an after work toke that should give you a nice calm euphoria while slowly winding down your body for the night. These buds are large, dense, packed with trichomes and a pleasure admire. It's almost a shame to turn them into ash... almost.

Terpenes: Geranyl Acetate, Myrcene, Limonene

THC: 23.86% | CBD: .3% (Indica Hybrid) Was $11/g

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