Nelson & Co - GMO Cookies, Indica Hybrid, Hash Rosin

Garlic Mushroom Onion (GMO) Cookies is becoming widely revered as a top shelf cultivar for it's unique pungent funk and extremely high test results. The aroma of this strain is unlike any other we have smelled! If you take that old mothball, diesel funk you find deep in Dogwalker or OG18 and amplify it ten times then this is what you would be left with. After smoking it leaves your mouth coated in diesel, skunk goodness that will leave you wanting more! The effects are much more sedative then either of the parents, giving all users an immediately potent and comfortably heavy high.

Rosin is a solventless extraction of cannabis oils using exact heat and pressure between a hydraulic press to squeeze out the good stuff. This rosin is created from farm to extraction all in house by Nelson & Company including the washing the trichomes from the cannabis before pressing hash for a purer rosin product.

1 gram

Cultivator: Nelson & Co

Genetic Cross: Chem D x Forum Cut GSC by Mamiko

THC: 74.78% | CBD: 0.28% | Total Terpenes: 9.98% (Indica Hybrid)

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