Natural Roots - Super Sour OG, Sativa Hybrid, Distillate Cart

Super Sour OG is generally more hybrid but this particular phenotype is predominantly sour and lemon with the more blueberry as well as OG characteristics being more hidden. This awesome four way mix by the Emerald Triangle crew is built on bringing the user a carefree high. Along with a more uplifting high comes a modest amount of THCV, a cannabinoid unique to sativa forward stains with reported potential appetite suppressant and anxiety relief.

Natural Roots: High quality, clean, organic cannabis extracts are what Natural Roots team strives for every time. They use a special process with proprietary techniques that creates a full spectrum, full terpene CO2 extract that is then purified further in winterization and distillation processes. The result is a product with all the full spectrum cannabinoid extract and mixed with its own terpenes along with a higher THC and cleaner oil than an only CO2 extraction.

0.5 Gram cartridge

Cultivator: Rogue River Family Farms (Certified Kind)

Genetic Cross: (Blueberry x Sour Diesel x OG Kush) x Lost Coast OG by Emerald Triangle

THC: 71.94% | CBD: 1.82% | THCV: 0.834% | CBN: 0.397% | CBG: 3.45% | CBC: 2.63% | Total Cannabinoids: 83.67%| Total Terpenes: 6.614% | (Sativa Hybrid)

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