Natural Roots - Jack's Grape, Indica Hybrid, Distillate Cart

Jack's Grape is a remarkable cross that imbues even qualities from both parents. The Jack Herer provides a high terpinolene content that adds a tropical fruit and gas feel taste that is uplifting and slightly energizing. Although the latter effect is competing hard with a heavy and high CBN hit that comes from the Grape Ape. With a CBN content of over 2% this extract will allow you to enjoy it for a couple hours but as it ages a blanket of sedation and sleep hangs neatly on the body.

Natural Roots: High quality, clean, organic cannabis extracts are what Natural Roots team strives for every time. They use a special process with proprietary techniques that creates a full spectrum, full terpene CO2 extract that is then purified further in winterization and distillation processes. The result is a product with all the full spectrum cannabinoid extract and mixed with its own terpenes along with a higher THC and cleaner oil than an only CO2 extraction.

0.5 Gram cartridge

Cultivator: Rogue River Family Farms (Certified Kind)

Genetic Cross: Jack Herer x Grape Ape

Top Terpenes: B-Myrcene, Terpinolene, B-Caryophyllene

THC: 78.19% | CBD: 0% | CBN: 2.282% | CBG: 2.882% | CBC: 5.848% | Total Cannabinoids: 88.7%| Total Terpenes: 5.715% | (Indica Hybrid)

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