Muru - Pina Citrus Punch Highwater THC Shot

MÜRU’s newest offering is high quality cannawater! Just exactly like it sounds! MÜRU highwater is a 100% organic cannabis water infusion. Oregon spring water infused with organic cannabis concentrate and fruit flavors these are a potent way to get your dose of THC with only 15 calories per full shot! If you'd like the onset of the high to come quicker keep it in your mouth for maximum sublingual absorption.

About MÜRU - A Portland, Oregon based producer of health conscious, truly water-soluble Cannamixer Drink additives and infused beverages. They are a passionate team of cannabis activists that are committed to bringing you the highest quality, all natural, ethically sourced cannabis consumables available on the market today. All products are sugar, soy, wheat, corn, preservative, and cruelty free. They worry about what goes in so you don't have to.

Ingredients: Oregon spring water, organic agave, organic flavorings, organic citric acid, cannabis concentrate

2 fl. Oz total - THC: 49.83 mg; per serving - THC: 4.98mg

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