Moto Perpetuo - Sour Wreck, Sativa, Greenhouse

Sour Wreck is an unknown origin sativa hybrid with an uplifting, powerful high that will leave the user feeling content. Forward notes of nutty citrus with an earthy and spicy background that satisfies the nostalgia craving of the older flavors. With famous parents like Sour Diesel and Trainwreck, this is one enjoyable ride.

About Moto Perpetuo Farm: They grow cannabis with a focus on quality and sustainability.
Their close attention to every step of the cultivation process is rooted in the belief that exceptional flower is born from a sustained marriage of soil, climate and artful post harvest stewardship; the interaction of the hand and the land. Prior to getting into the cannabis industry they were, and still are to this day, a sustainable farm. They even feed their cannabis plant stalks to their pigs that they sell at the market.

Genetic Cross: Sour Diesel x Trainwreck

Harvest Date: 11-14-18

THC: 18.6% | CBD: 0.06% | (Sativa Hybrid)

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