Moto Perpetuo - Platinum GSC, Hybrid, Greenhouse

Platinum GSC was the next stage in the cookie evolution with an added silver sheen of trichomes that denoted its platinum status. This phenotype of GSC smells and tastes of sweet candy, oranges, and spiced cheese. These buds are sage green and the perfect density to hand break and roll into a joint or blunt. Its high is known to elevate the mood into a deep euphoria that relaxes both the mind and body.

About Moto Perpetuo Farm: They grow cannabis with a focus on quality and sustainability.
Their close attention to every step of the cultivation process is rooted in the belief that exceptional flower is born from a sustained marriage of soil, climate and artful post harvest stewardship; the interaction of the hand and the land. Prior to getting into the cannabis industry they were, and still are to this day, a sustainable farm. They even feed their cannabis plant stalks to their pigs that they sell at the market.

Genetic Cross: GSC Phenotype

Top Terpenes: Myrcene (1.76%), a-Pinene (0.54%), o-Limonene(0.4%)

THC: 21.80% | CBD: 0.0% | Total Cannabinoids: 24.88% | Total Terpenes: 3.07% (Hybrid) Was $7/g

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