Moto Perpetuo - Cascade Chronic, Hybrid, Greenhouse

Cascade Chronic is a strain unique to Moto Perpetuo's farm that was made to truly remind you of being back in the great Pacific Northwest. A vibrant spectrum of pine and sweet earth notes make up the bulk of the profile with slight sour fruit lingering in the background. Anyone that is a fan of upbeat hybrids will love this one-of-a-kind potent bud.

About Moto Perpetuo Farm: They grow cannabis with a focus on quality and sustainability.
Their close attention to every step of the cultivation process is rooted in the belief that exceptional flower is born from a sustained marriage of soil, climate and artful post harvest stewardship; the interaction of the hand and the land. Prior to getting into the cannabis industry they were, and still are to this day, a sustainable farm. They even feed their cannabis plant stalks to their pigs that they sell at the market.

Genetic Cross: Unknown

Harvest Date: 11/14/18

THC: 21.2 % | CBD:0 % | Total Cannabinoids: % | (Hybrid)

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