Meraki Gardens - Schlemons, Sativa Hybrid, Indoor

The grow that produced these amazing strains from start to finish is Meraki Gardens. They are Clean Green Certified making it as close to sustainable and clean as one can get, plus they have an array of solar panels to funnel the sun's own power into their indoor grow.

If you want lemons, then you found the right bud! The funny strain name comes from the parent Schrom, is known for it's intense lemon and lime flavor. Combined with GG #4, which tends to have hidden lemon notes and chocolate, you get a resinous delectable bud that's main job is to make you happy and keep you there. Fans of our Lemon Meringue in the past will love this pistil covered bud!

Genetic Cross: Schrom (Columbia x Romulan) x GG#4

Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Terpinolene

THC: 25.61% | CBD: 0.05% (Sativa Hybrid) Was $12/g

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