Meraki Gardens - Meraki Mango 1.5g, Sativa, Palm

Despite the heavy indica lineage, Meraki Mango offers a bright relaxing high that is considered a sativa hybrid, both in effect and plant structure. Many will find it to be a great social bud to stimulate talking and laughter, leaving none in the group feeling overtly paranoid. Notes of mango, pine and other far off tropical fruits exude from this terpene laden bud. These Palm Wraps are expertly rolled by Meraki Gardens and contain no tobacco, as they use palm leaves to achieve the same product.

Clean Green Certified

1.5 gram

Genetic Cross: Mango Kush Phenotype

Harvest Date: 12/24/18

Flower - THC: 30.6% CBD: 0.11% (Sativa Hybrid)

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