Meraki Gardens - MAC 1.5g, Sativa, Palm

This ultra resinous strain, Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC), has been taking the cannabis community by storm this year! This beautiful specimen is called the MAC1, the breeders favorite cut, as it is a clone of Capulator's first and favorite seed he ever sprouted. The flavor is outstanding and tokers can look forward to tropical melony, diesel flavors with a trace of that cookie funk we have all come to know and love. Be ready for overwhemingly sativa effects that center around your head keeping you euphoric and focused! Perfect for tending to your personal garden or eating some Mac and Cheese. These Palm Wraps are expertly rolled by Meraki Gardens and contain no tobacco, as they use palm leaves to achieve the same product.

Clean Green Certified

1.5 gram

Genetic Cross: Alien Cookies x (Columbia Gold x Starfighter - a.k.a. Miracle) by Capulator

Harvest Date: 12/27/18

Flower - THC: 28.7% CBD: 0.09% (Sativa)

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