Meraki Gardens - East Coast Sour Diesel, Sativa, Pre-roll

East Coast Sour Diesel (a.k.a. ECSD) is a phenotype of Sour Diesel, such as Thin Mint is to GSC. ECSD produces a brighter, crisper high than Sour Diesel because you'll find more notes of lemon to the diesel and less earth. Much like it's parent, the high is euphoric and will wind you up for a long lasting energetic time, unless you happen to smoke too much and reach the old narcotic side that can be found in Sour Diesel in large doses.

Clean Green Certified

0.5 gram

Genetic Cross: Sour Diesel Phenotype

Harvest Date: 09/09/18

Flower - THC: 22.6% CBD: 0.06% (Sativa)

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