Karma Originals - Stargazer Moon Dust

Stargazer is an indica dominant strain created by Delta 9 Labs in Amsterdam that measures up to it's heavenly name. These award winning immediate lineage has won a total of 11 competitions, including High Times Cannabis Cup. Stargazer was bred for intense, alert effects that are felt in both the mind and body; for happily gazing at the stars on the perfect night or gazing into a dance partners eyes. Even the breeders have a hard time describing the smell and flavor, with its strange creamy, buttery and slightly sour lemon nose.

Moon Dust is another term for kief, which is almost purely the resin glands of cannabis collected into one product without all the other plant matter. They are perfect to top a bowl or add to a joint to increase potency and smooth out the smoke! Some will even use these to make their own homemade moon rocks.

1 gram

Genetic Cross: Sensi Star x AK-47 x Warlock

Cultivator: Zen Pharms

THC: 25.72% | CBD: 0% | Total Cannabinoids: 30.09%(Indica)

Was $13 per gram

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