Karma Originals - Stargazer 0.5g, Indica, Pre-roll

Stargazer is an indica dominant strain created by Delta 9 Labs in Amsterdam that measures up to it's heavenly name. These award winning immediate lineage has won a total of 11 competitions, including High Times Cannabis Cup. Stargazer was bred for intense, alert effects that are felt in both the mind and body; for happily gazing at the stars on the perfect night or gazing into a dance partners eyes. Even the breeders have a hard time describing the smell and flavor, with its strange creamy, buttery and slightly sour lemon nose.

0.5 gram

Genetic Cross: Sensi Star x AK-47 x Warlock

Cultivator: Zen Pharms

Flower - THC: 22.2% | CBD: 0.06% | Total Cannabinoids: 26.20%(Indica)

Was $5.50/0.5g

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