Karma Originals - Sour Diesel, Sativa, Pearls

One of the most smoked strains ever, Sour Diesel has made it's name as a clear headed and energetic sativa flower with distinct notes of rich gasoline, lemon and spice. It mitigates body discomfort and eases mental stress with it's intense cerebral high. Sour Diesel isn't known for being a long-laster at medicinal levels — it's a high peak and then a valley normally, often finishing with the user feeling lethargic and a bit drained after the Sativa start. Sour Diesel often helps with nerve issues, appetite, and can also help as a sleep aid during the "crash" portion of the effects.

Pearls are 1-3 nugs of flower, depending on size, soaked in distillate oil to add an extra strength then rolled in kief to help you cleanly rip them apart. This product is able to be used in a bowl or joint by itself.

0.35 gram of Top Shelf Flower; 0.5g Distillate Oil; 0.15g Kief = Total of 1g mixed cannabis

Genetic Cross: Original Diesel x DNL

Flower (Sour Diesel) - THC: 23.95% | CBD: 0.06% | Total Cannabinoids: 27.50%(Sativa)

Distillate (Pure distillate) - THC: 92.3% | CBD: 0% | Total Cannabinoids: 95.90%

Kief (Bettie Page) - THC: 23.83% | CBD: 0.10% | Total Cannabinoids: 29.21% (Hybrid)

Total Average - THC: 58.05% | CBD: 0.04%

Was $22 per gram

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