Karma Originals - Lemon Berry Kush, Hybrid, Pearls

Dabney Blue and Lemon Thai come together to produce Lemonberry by Fusion Seeds. Dabney Blue imparts its berry flavors and the sweet aroma of blueberry muffins, typical of strains influenced by DJ Shorts Blueberry line. Lemon Thai adds its own touch of citrus flavors and uplifting effects. Lemonberry is a strain rooted in the Pacific Northwest and is desired for its collage of flavors and balanced effects. The sativa influence in this hybrid helps form a happy head buzz that initiates bouts of creativity and the giggles.

Pearls are 1-3 nugs of flower, depending on size, soaked in distillate oil to add an extra strength then rolled in kief to help you cleanly rip them apart. This product is able to be used in a bowl or joint by itself. The package says indica, as Karma has no hybrid packaging, but all materials going into this are hybrid products.

0.35 gram of Top Shelf Flower; 0.5g Distillate Oil; 0.15g Kief = Total of 1g mixed cannabis

Genetic Cross: Lemonberry x Lemon Kush

Flower (Lemon Berry Kush) - THC: 23.95% | CBD: 0.06% | Total Cannabinoids: 27.50%(Hybrid)

Distillate (Pure distillate) - THC: 92.3% | CBD: 0% | Total Cannabinoids: 95.90%

Kief (Bettie Page) - THC: 23.83% | CBD: 0.10% | Total Cannabinoids: 29.21% (Hybrid)

Total Average - THC: 56.89% | CBD: 0.3%

Was $22 per gram

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