Karma Originals - Harlequin Moon Dust

This classic is a sativa hybrid CBD through and through. The lineage of this strain tends to lead to clear headed, alertness without raciness and Harlequin has been used as a backbone of many great new CBD strains of the modern era. The combination of alertness but relaxation is a fine balance, which makes a consistent 2:5 THC/CBD ratio an amazing tool for any day. This is a strain to induce tunnel vision on a project you need to get done. Enjoy!

Moon Dust is another term for kief, which is almost purely the resin glands of cannabis collected into one product without all the other plant matter. They are perfect to top a bowl or add to a joint to increase potency and smooth out the smoke! Some will even use these to make their own homemade moon rocks.

1 gram

Genetic Cross: Columbian Gold x Thai x Switzerland x Nepal

THC: 6.92% | CBD: 13.46% | Total Cannabinoids: 23.59%(CBD, Sativa Hybrid)

Was $13 per gram

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