Karma Originals - Golden Papaya Indica, 6 pack

Golden Papaya is a mixture of Papaya and Jew's Gold, which is the original cut of Kosher Kush, making this an indica with a alternating hashy, earth and tropical tree fruit aroma. Like many famous mango strains out there, Golden Papaya is relaxing and calming.

In this pack, you'll find 6 individual 0.5g expertly rolled pre-rolls. All Karma pre-rolls are quality controlled. You'll find Nothin' But Nugs in these pre-rolls. That means you will never get any trim or sub-par materials in Karma Originals products.

Total Cannabis Weight: 3g

Cultivator: Ananda Farms

Genetic Cross: Jews Gold x Papaya by Oni Seed Company

Flower - THC: 26.59% | CBD: 0.08% | Total Cannabinoids: 30.34% (Indica)

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