Karma Originals - Dogwalker OG 1g, Indica Hybrid, Pre-roll

A Portland cannabis staple, Dogwalker OG, also referred to sometimes as Dawgwalker, is always oily, sticky and skunky with a high ready leashed up and to take a stroll! Rich layers of sour funk and skunky wood emanate profusely from this providing an intensely focused yet relaxed high. Goes down smooth and takes a second to creep up into an immense calm that is surprisingly easy to get work done in. Bred by a Portland native and grown here in Oregon, everything about this strain is what PNW weed has become known for. This is likely to become a favorite of yours as well, as it is one of ours!

1 gram

Cultivator: Ananda Farms

Genetic Cross: Chemdawg '91 x Albert Walker

Flower - THC: 25.51% | CBD: 0.05% | (Indica Hybrid)

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