Karma Originals - Blue Frost 1g, Indica Hybrid, Dip Stick

Blue Frost is a slightly indica leaning hybrid with a standout high and an unforgettable taste. Created by Goldenseed, U.K.-based breeders who have stabilized taste-focused strains like Blue Cheese and Lemon Skunk, it is a cross between complex indica Blue Monster and Goldenseed’s own Jack Frost. The flavor is an interesting combination of sweet fruity and mint notes with a sharp cheese-like undertone.

All Karma pre-rolls are quality controlled. You'll find Nothin' But Nugs in these pre-rolls. That means you will never get any trim or sub-par materials in Karma Originals products. The tri-fecta in a pre-roll. Crafted with a half gram of full flower, 1/8 gram of rosin oil and dusted with 1/8 gram of kief. You're welcome.

Total Cannabis Weight: 1.25g

Genetic Cross: Blue Monster x Jack Frost by Goldenseeds

THC: 14.069% | CBD: 0.53% | (Indica Hybrid)

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