Karma Originals - Agent Orange Cookies Moon Dust

A delightful cross of the sativa Agent Orange and more indica hybrid GSC, which form into a beautiful version of orange cookies. Zesty orange rind and lemon fruit notes mix together with the deep, funky baked good smell to form a mouthwatering combo. Great for stimulating the mind while letting go of the body and feeling relaxed. Karma doesn't have a hybrid category for their packaging so don't let the card fool you, this is a perfect 50/50 hybrid cross.

Moon dust is another term for kief, which is almost purely the resin glands of cannabis collected into one product without all the other plant matter. They are perfect to top a bowl or add to a joint to increase potency and smooth out the smoke! Some will even use these to make their own homemade moon rocks.

1 gram

Genetic Cross: Agent Orange x GSC

THC: 28.64% | CBD: 0.14% | Total Cannabinoids: 34.17%(Hybrid)

Was $13 per gram

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