Karma Originals - Afghan Gooey 0.5g, Indica, Pre-roll

Afghan Gooey, also known as Afgooey or Afgoo, will fill your mouth with the taste of pungent, sweet and earthy hash. It induces a strong but relaxing body stone that seeps throughout your entire being, easing you down in to comfort and bliss. It is perfect for use after a long, tiring, physically exerting day – when you want to unwind on the sofa with your significant other or chill in the garden with friends. This is straight forward, no frills indica at its best. Users will appreciate this as a medicinal evening smoke and afghan Kush has a good couch-lock potential, should you be inclined to use it at night.

0.5 gram

Genetic Cross: Afghani x Maui Haze

Cultivator: Passport Cannabis

Flower - THC: 24.1% | CBD: 0.09% | Total Cannabinoids: 24.19%(Indica)

Was $5.50/0.5g

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