Green Dragon - Strawberry Fields, Indica, Distillate Disposable

Strawberry Fields was made to be an relaxing indica version of the famous Strawberry Cough. The results is a variety of the strain that creates more sedative and relaxing effects. Aromatics lean away from some of other bright underlying fruit and are replaced with earthy flavors while still having a distinct sweet strawberry taste. These disposable one time use pens are perfect for cartridges lovers on the go who don't want to worry about time spent charging or about how much charge is still left in their battery. They even include, painted on the outside, visual instructions on how to work the pen!

0.25g Cartridge

Genetic Cross: Strawberry Cough x (Strawberry Cough x Unknown Indica) by Sagarmatha Seeds

THC: 86% | CBD: 0.68% (Indica)

Was $17/0.25g

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