Green Dragon - Key Lime Pie, Hybrid, Distillate Disposable

Key Lime Pie is a connoisseur cut of GSC from Burning Bush Nursery known for it's wild swatch of dessert flavors ranging from chocolate to sweet spice to the obvious key lime candy. After experiencing the gourmet tang, this phenotype will likely give you an intense rapid feeling of being stoned to the melon followed by the mellow onset of a lucid high with some cerebral clarity.

Everything that goes into Green Dragon cartridges is from Clean Green Certified farms, with one exception. A handful of the cartridges are enhanced with non-cannabis flavors to achieve the right taste in this ultra concentrated THC distillate but most are distilled in house. This is to achieve the right effect on the users high that cannabis terpenes are specifically well suited.

0.25g Cartridge

Genetic Cross: Special phenotype of GSC

THC: 79.4% | CBD: 2.3% | Total Cannabinoids: 83.5% | Total Terpenes: 6.91% | (Hybrid)

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