Green Dragon - Blackberry Kush, Indica, Distillate Cart

This Blackberry Kush has an amazing terpene profile range, a fantastic mix of dark berries and woody, terra flavors. This is great as an after work toke that should give you a nice calm euphoria and immediately make your body feel heavy while slowly winding down your mind for the night. As far as the traditional high that one would relate to an indica, this one is true to that feeling as it's like weighted blanket is slowly descending on your body after a strong dose.

Everything that goes into Green Dragon cartridges is from Clean Green Certified farms, with one exception. A handful of the cartridges are enhanced with non-cannabis flavors to achieve the right taste in this ultra concentrated THC distillate but most are distilled in house. This is to achieve the right effect on the users high that cannabis terpenes are specifically well suited.

1g Cartridge

Genetic Cross: Blackberry x Bubba Kush

THC: 78% | CBD: 0.83% (Indica)

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