Gnome Grown - Zkittlez, Indica, Greenhouse

The smell of this one will knock your socks off! The incredibly terpene rich Zkittlez has a pungent chemical cleaner aroma that leaves you wanting more after each smell. As you inhale more you'll get background notes of skittles and cream that make your mouth water involuntarily waiting to taste the full rainbow. While it does taste strongly of sweet candy Zkittlez also has a surprising OG earth funk mixed into the tail end that is rather enjoyable. This full indica strain has a bright creative relaxing high with a slight head pressure. Some have reported an almost trippy zoned out high with a slowing of the passage of time. Because of its slow dip in energy levels, this bud is recommended for consumption between late afternoon and early evening.

Genetic Cross: Grape Ape x Grapefruit x Unknown Indica by Dying Breed Seeds

Top Terpenes: B-Caryophyllene (1.15%), Geranyl Acetate(0.59%), Linalool (0.55%)

THC: 21.03% | CBD: 0.04% | Total Cannabinoids: 24.71% | Total Terpenes: 4.23% (Indica) Was $12/g

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