Exotic Blendz - Platinum OG, Indica, 10 Pack

Complex notes of fresh gasoline, orange and lavender combine to make a fantastically potent and rich flavor that we come to expect from OG Kush strains. Much like the flavor, the effects of this flower will send you into a mixed bag high of euphoria, couch-lock, happiness and eventually intense sleepiness! Platinum OG, much like the metal it is named, after is highly sought out both as a hash maker and a parent to many strains as it adds an extra punch of trichomes to any strain, even big names that were made in the last year.

In this pack, you'll find 10 individual 0.5g expertly rolled pre-rolls with fresh indoor flower. All ready for you to take on an adventure or for ease when sharing with friends.

Total Cannabis Weight: 5g

Cultivator: Burnt River Farms

Genetic Cross: Platinum Kush x Joe's OG Kush

Flower - THC: 26.6% | CBD: 0.1% (Indica)

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